CSI – Controls Southeast, Inc.

As an authorized representative of Controls Southeast, Inc., servicing south Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, Quality Steam can provide full thermal maintenance systems for heating and cooling of liquid/vapor processes in the petrochemical, chemical, and refining industries.

Heated Piping Systems
Over the past 40 years, Controls Southeast, Inc. has been engineering, designing, and building systems to heat (and cool) piping, tanks, vessels, valves, pumps, and instruments. Experience with heated piping systems and specialty fabrication has led to recognized expertise in heat transfer, fluid flow, piping design, and the ASME Codes. Based on your thermal needs (thermal maintenance, freeze protection, or heat-up/cool-down), we determine the right system for your application, whether that be a weld-on or bolt-on jacketing solution.

We offer the following heated piping system products:

CSI ControTrace® : Steam Tracing Solutions for Heating Pipe, Tanks, and Vessels

Since 1980, ControTrace® bolt-on heating elements have offered significant economic advantage over fully jacketed piping while providing substantially more heating capacity and reliability than steam tracing. ControTrace® also prevents cross-contamination between the heating medium and the process. For these reasons, ControTrace® has grown to be the preferred solution for many heated piping applications. Today, over five hundred miles of ControTrace® are in service in plants and refineries on every continent.

ControTrace® for Piping

ControTrace® is used in a variety of piping applications to keep the process flowing, prevent vapor condensation on the pipe wall, and heat-up or cool-down the process prior to key process equipment. The combination of its cost advantage over jacketed piping and its thermal and reliability advantages over tube tracing make it an attractive thermal maintenance solution for most processes.

ControTrace® for Tanks and Vessels

ControTrace® is the heating technology of choice for tank and vessel applications where: Contamination from internal coil leaks cannot be tolerated, weld-on half pipe is cost-prohibitive (high labor costs), or wall temperature uniformity is critical to preventing condensation/corrosion.

With ControTrace®, the need for internal heating coils is completely eliminated. ControTrace® keeps tanks at optimal temperature through the use of external heating only.

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